Tips on How to Choose the Right Vans Shoe Size

Vans shoes are shoes that are sought after and loved by almost everyone in the world, especially among young people. Are you one of them? Vans shoes that have been around for decades are famous for having unique and cool models.

Apparently, this premium shoe brand has its own size standard. So, you should not equate the standard shoe size of other brands as a benchmark. For example, you usually use size 40 for Adidas shoes, not necessarily with these Vans brand shoes. So, so that you don’t choose the wrong size, we will share information about how to choose the size of Vans shoes. Curious? Let’s check this out!

How to Choose a Vans Shoe Size

Before buying Vans shoes, it’s a good idea to choose the size, so you don’t buy the wrong shoes. Well, check out our review on how to choose the following Vans shoe size.

1. Know Your Feet Size

Before knowing the size of Vans shoes that you will buy, of course you must know the size of your feet first. Yep, you can measure your own feet using A4 paper and a ruler at home.

The trick, prepare A4 paper, a ruler, pencil or ballpoint and also a pair of socks. Why should there be socks? Measuring foot size using socks can help us to find out more accurate and precise results.

After the tool is ready, you can immediately draw the pattern of your feet on the A4 paper using a pencil or ballpoint. Now, if the foot pattern has been drawn, measure the length and width of your feet. To find out your foot length, measure the longest part of your foot from the tip of your toe to the heel.

Meanwhile, to find out the width, measure the shortest or widest part of the leg pattern that you have made. Measure from the right end to the left end with a ruler. How, easy isn’t it?

If you already know your foot size, then you don’t need to measure it, okay? You just need to choose the Vans shoe size that really fits and is comfortable to wear on your feet.

2. Choose Shoe Size

After knowing your foot size, now is the time for you to choose the Vans shoe size that you desire. Well, you already know the foot size in centimeters, right?

To find out your shoe size, you need to know the applicable International shoe number size system. Each continent usually has its own standard of size. Apparently, Vans shoes also have a standard shoe size that is not in the same category as other shoe sizes. The following are the standard Vans shoe size categories that apply.

Men’s Shoe Size

This size is for men. The standard follows men’s shoe sizes in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Well, if you are confused, you can see the table above.

If you buy Vans shoes from the UK or British Commonwealth countries, you can use the Vans shoe size chart for men that follows United Kingdom or UK standards. If you buy it in the United States, then use the standard American size.

Shoe size standards in Indonesia follow European shoe size standards. So, so you don’t get confused, you can just follow the standard shoe size for Europe.

Women’s Shoe Size

Apart from having standard shoe sizes for men, Vans also has standard shoe sizes for women. Well, the difference is that the US version of Vans for women is available starting in size 5, not 3.5 like the men’s shoe size. But for convenience, you can also use the standard European size chart.

Kids Shoe Size

If you want to buy Vans shoes for children, you can use the children’s shoe size chart as a guide for choosing shoe sizes. Shoe sizes for children are of course different from adult shoe sizes. For more details, you can see the table above.

Tips for Buying Vans Shoes

In addition to discussing how to choose Vans shoe sizes, we will also provide tips for buying Vans shoes for you. Come on, just take a look at the reviews below, OK!

As we know, Vans shoes have many types that you can choose from. So here are the types of Vans shoes that you should know.

Vans Old Skool is one of the most popular types of Vans shoes. This Old Skool type was introduced in the 70s ago. This Old Skool type Vans shoe has a characteristic with a sole and a leather layer that serves to increase the durability of the shoe.

Interested in buying Vans shoes with a model like this?